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Where does the charter start and end?

We will pick you up at the Bainbridge Island Public Dock, which is part of Waterfront Park. It is a short, easy walk from both the Bainbridge ferry terminal and Winslow Way, the island’s main drag. Waterfront Park is directly behind the Town & Country supermarket on Winslow Way. Continue downhill towards the water and the City Dock. We will meet you at the end of the dock.

What should I wear?

Depends on the day. Start with comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes. Layering is smart, with a shell to break the wind and a fleece underneath for thermal protection – it’s often colder on the water than you expect. Sunglasses and sun protection are also a good idea. We always have some “loaners” and community sunscreen to share!

Will I be able to sail the boat?

Absolutely! Our guests charter with us for different reasons, and you can be as hands-on as you choose. Some come to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, while others want to learn how to sail. Captain Scott has taught many people how to sail and will gladly introduce you to the “basics” while on your charter – including how drive the boat and trim sails.

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes, as long as you enjoy it responsibly. We always have a cooler with ice to store beverages. There is a full-service grocery about two blocks from our pick up/drop off point which sells spirits, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. We do not have a liquor license, so we cannot serve you alcohol. We trust our guests to drink responsibly, but the Captain always reserves the right to decide when enough is enough.

What if there's no wind?

It happens, but that won’t hold us back. S/V Rumbera does great as a motorsailer. We’ll take the opportunity to do a little sightseeing with the motor on and you’ll learn some interesting facts and stories about Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, and Seattle’s maritime history.

Will I get wet or seasick?

You usually won't get wet because of the sailing. Seasickness is also unlikely. The waters between Bainbridge Island and Seattle are relatively calm with no exposure to the ocean. ​

If conditions are too wet or boisterous, you have the option to reschedule for a calmer day or obtain a refund. We want you to have fun!

Can I bring my dog?

Although we love dogs, our commercial liability insurer prohibits pets on board during commercial operations.

How do i get to Bainbridge island?

Washington State Ferries provides an easy 35-minute ride to and from Bainbridge from Seattle's Colman Dock, located at 801 Alaskan Way. See below or here for the current schedule.

Keep in mind that the ferries often run late in the busy summer months! If you're visiting Bainbridge for an afternoon or sunset sail, we recommend planning one ferry ahead to ensure you make your scheduled charter time. 

what if i have to cancel?

Plans get made, things change. We live in that world too. We will refund the full price of your booking if you cancel at least 72 hours before your scheduled charter. For cancellations any closer to the time of your scheduled charter, we’ll work with you to to rebook—if possible— an alternate date. If that doesn’t work, we will refund you 50% of your booking payment. If we have to cancel a charter for any reason (including weather, maintenance, emergencies, etc..), you will receive a 100% refund or the opportunity to rebook for a different date.

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